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Yes. We’ve done extensive research and worked closely with experts in health and wellness related fields to ensure our products are safe and appropriate during all reproductive stages of life.

Our pregnancy safe and breastfeeding safe skincare products are specifically designed to act as your essential skincare in general -- and target specific pregnancy and postpartum related concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne, stretch marks, dry skin, redness and/or irritation.

Some specific ingredient questions we also get on this topic are: Is Vitamin C safe for pregnancy? Can I use a Vitamin C serum while breastfeeding? Can you use hyaluronic acid in pregnancy, or while trying to conceive? Is bakuchiol safe during pregnancy? Are ceramides in skincare safe for pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

Again, the available research and practical evidence points to yes, absolutely they are excellent skincare ingredients to use while trying to conceive, when pregnant, postpartum, and while breastfeeding. Just more reasons why we love these effective and multitasking skincare ingredients :)

However, if you have any specific health-related concerns, please talk to your doctor or healthcare professional as we cannot offer medical advice. And, as always, be sure to check the label prior to use to ensure you are not allergic to an ingredient.

Our products are not organic certified, but they primarily contain organic certified ingredients and/or ingredients grown using sustainable agricultural practices without the use of pesticides. 

Our ingredients are natural or naturally derived. Occasionally, we may choose ingredients that have been made utilizing green chemistry if they are deemed to be more sustainable and equally as safe as any 100% naturally derived counterparts. We call this “nature identical.”

Syll Botanics™ are never tested on animals, and we are working towards a cruelty-free certification. Our current products are vegan, though we are considering using sustainably sourced honey for a future formulation.

Nope. We do not use ingredients that are or were derived from GMO raw materials.

Not only is it OK, it’s straight-up recommended. Our serums are formulated to have a high ratio of linoleic fatty acid (omega 6, or vitamin F in marketing speak), which studies show is lacking in acne-prone skin. Using it topically can actually improve skin health and clarity. Plus, sometimes our skin overproduces sebum (skin's natural oils) when it is stripped so adding back healthy, bio-compatible oils may actually—albeit counterintuitively—help oily skin. We also use a combination of plant extracts and antioxidants to help to prevent breakouts and combat irritation.

Also, we know it can be hard to find a pregnancy safe acne treatment, or an acne product that is also good for sensitive skin. Here are some ways we maximize safe, skin clearing ingredients in The Face & Eye One:
-Bakuchiol and vitamin C are shown to reduce breakouts without irritation.
-Our special combination of rosehip, black currant, pomegranate and sea buckthorn oils is excellent for acne-prone, sensitive skin.
-Biocompatible ingredients like squalane, jojoba and ceramides balance sebum and fortify the skin barrier, which is important for preventing acne, decreasing sensitivity and maintaining moisture.

Skin needs both oil and water to be healthy. Our foundational serums are both oil based, which is critical for locking in moisture – but they need the moisture to lock in (particularly for dehydrated skin types)! The easiest, cheapest, most efficient way to do this? With your shower or bathroom sink!  

The best time to apply the Body & Hair One is right after you shower. Some people love applying it to soaking wet skin and allowing it to air dry. Our founder hates waiting that long or feeling cold, so she keeps a bottle in the shower, lightly towel dries and then applies it to very damp skin. Really hate staying wet for any length of time? Go ahead and towel dry, and then add a few pumps to your favorite lotion (which, FYI, is mostly water!). 

Using the Body & Hair One without a shower? We recommend wetting your hands and then massaging into skin. 

For the Face & Eye One, the same logic applies.  Post shower or after cleansing, apply immediately to clean, damp skin with wet fingers (or apply to wet skin, without any towel drying- it kinda just depends on your preference).

Bottom line, go ahead and do you. But add that water in somewhere.

Heck yes. Just let it absorb and then make-up away.

The Face & Eye One has been uniquely formulated (we haven’t seen it anywhere else!) to provide a COMPLETE spectrum of Omegas 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9. And the Body & Hair One is PACKED with skin-loving unsaturated Omegas 3, 6 & 9, plus saturated fatty acids that add extra nourishment to your bod. 

Here’s why:

Omega fatty acids are components of lipids (fats) and important building blocks of our bodies -  including skin, hair and nails. They are “essential” because our bodies cannot produce them on their own, so we need to consume them. A lack of Omegas can weaken our skin barrier, resulting in dryness, dullness, irritated and/or sensitive skin.

Omegas 3, 6 & 9 are more well known - but Omegas 5 & 7 are part of this fatty acid family, too. They can improve the tone, texture, glow and resilience of skin/hair/nails, and act as powerful antioxidants. 

But why bother to apply Omegas topically and not just eat them? Since they are easily aborbed through the epidermis (outermost skin layer) and help maintain skin, hair & nail health, external application can effectively deliver and augment their benefits! 

Beautiful, isn’t it? Our sea buckthorn and rosehip oils are rich in phytonutrients called carotenoids, which give these oils their deep orange-red color. The superpower antioxidant CoQ10 also contributes a natural yellow-orange tint. 

Some brands purposefully opt for clear or white formulas, but we prefer to use unbleached, unrefined plant oils because they retain their amazing nourishing qualities that make a huge difference for your skin. That = color! The result is a gorgeous glow after you apply The Face & Eye One, but all of the serum will quickly be absorbed into your skin and you will not be left with any color remaining on your face.

When pumped into your hands, The Body & Hair One appears as a gorgeously light sunshine-emerald color. Pour it all into a clear container and watch the serum's deep green hue flourish.

Similar to the Face & Eye One, the color (and the deliciously fresh scent) of The Body & Hair One come from a special blend of cold-pressed, unrefined superfood oils, including açaí, strawberry, blackcurrant, and passionfruit. Incredibly rich in anthocyanins and carotenoids that offer excellent antioxidant activity - along with other vitamins, minerals, sterols, and essential fatty acids - these oils provide incredibly nourishing and protective properties that help to improve the health and appearance of your skin and hair.

That is why we love these beautiful and uniquely colored ingredients and all the goodness they contain!

You’re thinking like a true maximized minimalist. We are all about multitasking wherever possible, so yes, it’s perfectly safe to use The Body & Hair One on your face. The formula contains mostly edible oils, and the Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and ceramide content make it awesome as a plumping, hydrating lip treatment.  

 If you are primarily looking to improve skin hydration, suppleness, texture and resilience, The Body & Hair One can be excellent as a restorative facial serum due to its rich nutrient profile, antioxidant content and barrier strengthening properties.  However, this formula contains a higher amount of oleic, as well as saturated, fatty acids as compared to The Face & Eye One. These types of fatty acids nourish and help retain moisture, but are not ideal for oily or acne prone skin. So, if you wish to brighten, firm, improve your complexion and breakouts and/or even skin tone while deeply nourishing and protecting skin, The Face & Eye One is your best bet. 

There are lots of environmental issues stemming from the cosmetics industry, but this one is a biggie. So, here’s the lowdown.

Petrochemicals are everywhere in cosmetics. A few ways they can be identified on cosmetic labels are as PEGs (Polyethylene glycols), solubilizers like polysorbates, some emulsifiers (e.g. “emulsifying wax”), and emollients like mineral oil and isopropyl myristate or isopropyl palmitate and preservatives (e.g. phenoxyethanol). Identifying them is tricky, however, as the list is virtually endless. Plus, they can be found in semi-synthetic/semi-natural ingredients, like the popular "green" surfactant cocamidopropyl betaine (notice "propyl" as an identifier). Though not overtly listed on consumer labels, they are common components of synthetic fragrance as well.

Cosmetics companies use petroleum-derived ingredients because they’re cheap, formulate well, and can be less allergenic than some natural ingredients for people with sensitivities (think petroleum jelly). The downsides are: (1) the concerns over trace contaminants (even if legally permissible), (2) that they contain no skin-beneficial nutrients or antioxidants and (3) that they are made using unsustainable fossil fuels. 

Further, hazardous chemicals like ethylene oxide and phthalates are used to refine and process these ingredients into their final form, creating toxic waste as a result. Without getting into the human toxicology or fiery underbelly of this debate, our view is: if it’s not good for the environment we don’t want to wear it.

Sadly and surprisingly…yes. Plastics are used for packaging and as cosmetic ingredients, which makes the issue even more complex and widespread.

Plastics can be made from fossil-fuels, synthetic polymers (e.g. silicones) or derived from bio-based materials. Microplastics wash out of products and into our waterways, soils, oceans and more, causing health and environmental impacts we’ve only just begun to understand. In fact, a growing body of research demonstrates that nanoplastics (the smallest plastic particles) have the ability to penetrate into the bloodstream, pass through the placenta and persist throughout our bodies. 

The Plastic Soup Foundation spearheaded extensive research on this issue and found that microplastics (including synthetic polymers and nanoplastics) make up 87% of the products they analyzed from the 10 largest brands in the European Union. You can read their report and download their app to help you avoid products containing plastics. 

We keep it simple.

If you are dissatisfied with your order, contact within 14 days of receiving your package. If we are unable to help you make the most of your purchase, we will gladly issue you a refund (less applicable shipping and handling charges from the original order as required to return your product back to us).* 

*Please note that all trial/travel size products and all sale items are non-refundable, and we are unable to offer refunds for packages that are lost or stolen. So, watch out for those porch pirates.

Please email with questions or to learn more about our return policy.

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